Rebels were busy over the weekend. Why wouldn’t we be? Summer is coming to an end, music
festivals are so in right now and our Anthem was actually made out of one of the best music videos
we’ve seen lately. A few of our fellow Rebels decided to drove a couple of hours to see this amazing
band live once again. #biggestfans?


Once upon a time (2003) in a faraway land somewhere in the BALKANS, in a kingdom called Bosnia
and Herzegovina, a group of friends decided to form a band. But this was no ordinary band, and they
did not form under ordinary circumstances
. True, along with local Balkan flavors, musical influences
came from all over the world: ska, punk, reggae, electronic, hip-hop. Yet, there was no music
industry, few concerts, no space for cultural or political expression among the new crop of plugged in

In fact, the entire region was reeling from deep moral and economic stagnation. It was from
this environment that Dubioza Kolektiv was born, and not quietly, but kicking and screaming,
presenting no-go topics front and center, and demanding to be heard-and in doing so, they created
a phenomenon. We find this band as among the best and most popular live outfits in Eastern Europe,
hallmarked by their musical release “Happy Machine”, perhaps their most provocative album to
date, next to #FAKENEWS.

“If you’re looking for macho, money-and-ego driven posturing, you won’t find it here; no MTV
“rude boy” gangstas, no strippers or bling, no corporate endorsements from the international
fashion industry. Rather, they take on traditional musical forms with their unique perspective,
shaped by a war that changed their lives forever, and delivered with a level of positivity that hits
you like a blast of fresh air.

If you are open to the experience, it could change your life too.”

The root of their name is in the word “dubioza”, a local slang with a meaning close to “doubt”. Easy
to recognize? Yes. Basically, dubioza is the everyday life, the struggle, the feeling of never knowing
what to do, how to think, how to act. In fact, life is Bosnia in all about that – a lack of opportunities
and prosperities leads to all kind of ideas.


They are just a group of creative musicians who are a
collective, a community of people with existential doubts. Subsequently, they create songs about the
current reality of our communities, and they sing it to the big world. And its super fun, funny and


Their songs always have some kind of meaning, whether there are answers to rhetorical questions or
just a funny way of expressing certain popular or not so popular topics. But what is the best thing
about them? Power to the people. And “Their music is for free. You can download .mp3. Keep it
playing on repeat If you hate it – press delete. Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, you
don’t pay. Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, Pirate Bay!

Both old and young audiences danced, jumped and sang, when the band lined up hit after hit. The
robot Ado Kilobyte joined them on stage for the song “Take my job away” – a great provocative song
about artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence (often used briefly as ‘AI’) is not a new phenomenon, but it is
only recently that it has become the talk of the town. If you feel confused by the multiple – often
even controversial – descriptions of what artificial intelligence is or isn’t, that’s completely fair.

AI is the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions as humans do, such as perceiving,
learning, reasoning and solving problems. The benchmark for AI is the human level concerning in
teams of reasoning, speech, and vision.
And how can AI work for crypto. 🙂

Rouge AI with a given goal may stop at nothing, including world domination, to produce as many
green candles as possible… we are exaggerating to make a point
But why did we adopt their Space Song as our ANTHEM?
One thing for sure is the space itself,
everyone wants to go to the moon nowadays. But most importantly because this song comes from
their last album #FAKENEWS; that and #FREEDOM is what Rebels are all about – “Fake news? No,
no, we don’t need them, Just wanna runaway to freedom.”

Will this now be followed by a sequel or perhaps even an alliance? Stay tuned!