A not so long time ago in a crypto galaxy right here in our backyards, ANON INU (AINU) was born.
Based on the testimonies from Devs that actually burned their wallets, AINU was mistreated his
whole life. At first, Version 1 (V1) knocked him to the ground as the owner allegedly made a mistake
and instead of burning the coins, sent them into liquidity pool. This made the price dropped
dramatically. But also gave rise to the idea of Version 2 (V2), where supposedly all holders who made
a loss in V1 received an airdrop for V2. For a week or so, everything looked great, people were
excited, price had its ups and downs, which is quite normal in crypto. Telegram group grew every
day, Twitter account was active and gained new followers on a daily basis.

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Everyone were shocked when the Devs announced on Twitter:

“All fees have been set back to 5%. All wallets have been whitelisted. All admins have burned their coins.
Ownership has been renounced to 0x address.
There are no sell limits and people are now free to do whatever they want to do with their coins.”


Instead of general satisfaction and pure joy, new fears emerged. Does this coin really
belong to the community now?
In an ideal world, this would hold and the majority of people would
be more than happy. After all, that’s exactly the essence of Anonymous: No one knows who they are,
at some point we all are Anonymous, and at the same time no one really is. They have no owner and
do not answer to anyone. Probably because of that, and despite all the FUDs around it, a lot of
people still HODLing. They believe in the Anonymous idea

When ownership was renounced to 0x address and liquidity locked until July 2022, AINU was
stressing so much, he almost completely burned himself out.
He stopped at 49 %. After that his life
truly begun. He now likes living on the edge, not knowing what’s going to happen. Especially in July22
when the mysterious owner, can allegedly re-access the locked wallet, since only hired Devs burned
their tokens, supposedly greedy owner sold everything and was apparently planning a so called Rug

According to the Devs, that were hired by the owner, official and non-official Telegram groups
and different programmers, ownership was renounced and
The Owner is unable to blacklist or change any functions in existing contract.

Given this, a lot of different scenarios are now possible:

According to the original White paper, 90% of all tokens will be burned in 2022. So it’s also
possible that after wallet unlocks, tokens will be automatically sent to dead address. But no
one can confirm that as of now, since answers from Devs, that burned their tokens, regarding
this are currently still pending.

Will the owner take mercy on AINU and not sell at all, or maybe just a small portion?

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Or will he greedily take everything? This will drastically lower the price, at least given the
current number of holders and the current market cap. But If AINU grows and gain a lot more
HODLers, The Community, will be stronger and much bigger than The Owner is right now and
could knock down his current percentage.

If this will be the case, community is already screaming:

“We will not forget; we will not surrender.

We all are Anonymous, we are a legion, we are the future and we have no owner!”

Nevertheless, this awesome community really came together and helped AINU survive.
Some by holding and refusing to fold, some are even intensively gathering evidence and looking for the original owner,
who allegedly also tricked some devs, who then, like true Anonymous rebels does, resisted him, burned their coins, locked the
liquidity pool and prevented the owner from interfering with the existing contract. At least for now
AINU V2 is supposed to be a COMMUNITY DRIVEN TOKEN
. What will happen next year, for now no one
knows. We will be informing you all, when new information appears.

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Now we wonder if AINU will merely survive, or will he actually live his life to the fullest?
Stay tuned and remember, please enter at your own risk, invest only what can you afford to lose

9.8.2021, Anonymous HODLer